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Peralatan Bor Tanah

PD. karya Mitra Usaha Menyediakan atau Produksi Peralatan Bor Tanah, Seperti : Alat Bor Tanah / Bor Biopori, Mesin Bor Biopori Tanah – Earth Auger 150 mm, Mesin Bor Biopori Tanah – Earth Auger 200 mm, Bor Gambut, Bor Soil Sampler Kit, Bor Tanah Stainless Steel, pH Meter Tanah, pH Meter Tanah Digital, Bor Tanah – kedalaman 10 meter.

Bor Tanah / Bor Biopori
Bor Tanah Bor Biopori
Bahan Besi
Head Bor Dia 8.5cm – 10 cm x 20 cm
Tangkai Pipa Panjang 1 meter
Handle Pipa Panjang 40 cm

Bor Gambut
Bor Gambut
Bor Tanah Gambut
Untuk kedalaman pengeboran maksimum 3m
Handle Bor: Ø 2cm x 40 cm
Drilling Rod 2 unit Ø 2cm x 1m
Drilling Head panjang 1m
Dilengkapi dengan tas

Bor Soil Sampler Kit
Bor Soil Sampler Kit
Bor Sample Tanah (Sampling Kit)
Auger Head dia 8cm x 30 cm
Handle Tee  solid 3/4″ x  30 cm : 1 unit
Drilling Rod Solid dia 3/4″ x 1m : 2 unit
Adjustable Spanner : 2 unit
Head Coring : 1 unit
Sample Coring didalam Head Coring : 1 unit
Cap coring : 1 unit
Hammer Coring : 1 unit

Bor Tanah Stainless Steel
Bor Tanah Stainless Steel
Material : Stainless Steel
Handle : Dia 2,8 cm x 40 cm
Drilling Rod : Dia 2,8 cm x 1 meter
Drilling Head : Dia 9 cm x 38 cm

Sand Auger
Mud Auger
Regular Auger

Bor Tanah – kedalaman 10 meter
Bor Tanah - kedalaman 10 meter
Bor Tanah – kedalaman 10 meter

Drilling Rod, Solid bar, 1mtr length, 1 1/4″ dia 10 Pcs
Auger Head, Welded steel, two radial blades, 4″ dia 1 Pc
Straight Chopping Auger Steel bar,hardened tip, 45 mm width 1 Pc
T-Piece Welded steel 1 Pc
Tube Adaptor, Machined steel, with 3 clamping bolts 1Pc
Turning Rod, Machined steel, 1 1/4″ dia, 60 cm length 2Pcs
Sampling Tube, 68 mm dia, 40 cm length with 3 bolt holes 10 Pcs
Rod Head, Hardened, machined steel, 2 1/2″ dia 1 Pc
Allen Key, Hardened Steel, 1/4″ 1 Pc
Pipe Wrench, 24″ length 2 Pcs
Hammer5 kg weight, 1 Pc
Steel Wire Brush, Wooden Handle 1 Pc

Mesin Bor Biopori Tanah – Earth Auger 150 mm
Mesin Bor Biopori Tanah - Earth Auger 150 mm
Max. Power : 1.25Kw/6500rpm
Discharge : 42.7cc
Bit Diameter : 150mm
Net Weight : 13.5Kg
Gross Weight : 15.5Kg

Mesin Bor Biopori Tanah – Earth Auger 200 mm
Mesin Bor Biopori Tanah - Earth Auger 200 mm
Max. Power : 1.4Kw/6500rpm
Discharge : 51.7cc
Bit Diameter : 200mm
Net Weight : 16.5Kg
Gross Weight : 18.5Kg

Penakar Hujan
Penakar Hujan
Penakar Hujan (Steel)
Penakar Hujan (Stainless Steel)
Terbuat dari metal sheet.
Dilengkapi dengan tabung ukur gelas.
Bucket type 100 cm²
Bibir Corong dari Kuningan
Ukuran: 20 x 20 x 70 cm

pH Meter Tanah
pH Meter Tanah
Mengukur pH Tanah
Range 3.5 sampai 8 ph

pH Meter Tanah Digital
pH Meter Tanah Digital
Soil pH, Moisture, Lux & Temp (Digital pH Tanah)
pH range: 3,5 pH to 9.0 pH / accuracy ± 0.5
Temperature: – 9 ºC to 50ºC / accuracy ±1ºC
Light: 9 Levels
Moisture range: 5 level


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