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Accessories Furniture Laboratory

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Deskripsi Accessories Furniture Laboratory

Phenolic Resin Top Table 

phenolic resin top table

The Phenolic work surfaces were developed for laboratory use as well as other harsh chemical environments.
It is made in the U.S.A, Fore more than 15 years and has emerged as a leading solid phenolic brand that offers both Quality and Value.

  • Chemical and Solvent resistant
  • Stain and Corrosion resistant
  • Impact and stress cracking resistant
  • Ambrasion resistant in quartz finish
  • Moisture resistant and will not support growth of common bacteria or fungus
  • Double sided panels available in many colour and patterns
  • Exceeds performance standards of the ANSI / NEMA ( American National Standards Institute / National Electrical Manufacturers Association ) LD3 – 2000
  • UL Class A and Class 1 Fire Rating Surface available upon request.
  • Low VOC’s emissions
  • Greenguard certified, LEED qualified
  • ASTM G-22 Compliance Fungi & Bacterial Resistance – Approved
    Bacterial Resistance Test – No bacterial growth
    Bacterial Susceptibility Test – No contamination by bacteriagrowth of: Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococci faecalis, Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae.Phenolic uk 3600 x 1500 colour= Black & Grey, 6mm
    Phenolic uk 3600 x 1500 colour= Black, White & Grey, 13mm
    Phenolic uk 3600 x 1500 colour= Black, White & Grey, 16mm

Water Valve Controller / Valve Buka Tutup Air

water valve controller / valve buka tutup air

Spesifikasi :

Fume Hoods Remote Control Valve, Cold Water Quick Open
Panjang Keseluruhan : 235 mm
Gagang : Dia. 44 mm Panjang : 55 mm
Pipa Kuningan I : Panjang 140 mm
Pipa Kuningan II : Panjang : 110 mm

Water Tap / Keran Air PP Material

water tap / keran air pp material

Spesifikasi :

PP Tap, Plastic Faucet, Distilled Water Faucet White
Panjang keseluruhan : 455 mm Lebar : 175 mm
Dia. Bawah : 26 mm
Dia. Lengkungan atas : 19 mm
Gagang bawah : Dia. 44 mm


Gas Valve Controller / Valve Untuk Kontrol Gas

gas valve controller / valve untuk kontrol gas

Spesifikasi :

Gas Controller Valve Safety Lock
Panjang : 390 mm
Dia. Gagang : ± 30 mm
Pipa Saluran : 2 Unit

Gas Tap / Keran Gas

gas tap keran gas

Spesifikasi :

Gas Output valve safety lock
Tinggi : 215 mm
Dia. Gagang  : ± 30 mm



Lab Cup Sink PP / Bak Cuci Bulat

lab cup sink pp bak cuci bulat

Spesifikasi :

Lab PP / Cup Sink Black
Tinggi Keseluruhan : 210 mm
Dia. Luar Atas : 184 mm
Dia. Dalam atas : 140 mm
Dia. Luar Bawah : 46 mm
Dia. Dalam Bawah : 40 mm

Lab Rectangle Sink PP / Bak Cuci Lab Persegi PP

lab rectangle sink pp / bak cuci lab persegi pp

Spesifikasi :

Lab PP Mid Size Sink Black
Panjang : 555 mm
Lebar : 457 mm
Tinggi : 305 mm

Bottle Trap PP / Botol Penangkap Kotoran

bottle trap pp / botol penangkap kotoran

Spesifikasi :
Lab PP Sink Bottle Trap / Downcomer Black
Diameter : 40 mm
Tinggi : 225 mm

Flexible Hose PP / Selang Flexible Untuk Sink
Lab PP Sink Expansion Pipe / Hose Black
Diameter Pipe : 30 mm
Panjang Ukuran Pipe sesuai kebutuhan ( Flexible )

Gantungan Gelas 27 Pegs

gantungan gelas 27 pegs

Spesifikasi :

Material : PP
Black Lab Pegboard Single Faced
Panjang : 400 mm
Lebar : 108 mm
Tinggi : 550 mm
Gantungan Gelas : 27 pegs

Gantungan Gelas 52 Pegs

gantungan gelas 52 pegs

Spesifikasi :

Material : PP
Lab. Drying Rack / Pegboard
Gantungan Gelas : 52 Pegs
Panjang : 550 mm
Lebar : 125 mm
Tinggi : 700 mm


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